Sunday, 7 July 2013

Eat, burp, write…

My friends and I have a tradition: if you burp at the table, you don’t excuse yourself. Heck no – the rest of us will cheer you instead. The louder and longer the burp, the more enthusiastic our cheers.

I don’t know exactly how it started or why those other jokers did it, but for one who loves food as much as I do, a well-executed burp is a beautiful thing. Like a gymnastics performance… only with wayyy more gas, and body fat. It’s a natural part of the meal, and a most sincere way to show appreciation for food received, particularly if said food had been good.

And so here we are, at this digital extension of my usual post-meal burp. Where I can express appreciation for good food by writing glowing recommendations. And bad food by posting severe warnings.

Obviously, all you read here is the personal opinion of someone whose technical knowledge of food is rudimentary at best, and whose cooking chops are even less noteworthy.

But I do have an intense love of all things food-related, and I’ve never been known to give a bad food recommendation.

Right, we’ve gotten all that out of the way. Let’s dig in.

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