Sunday, 8 September 2013

McDonald’s Chicken McRib – Crappiness slathered in mediocrity

A little community service message.

The McRib has a fair number of fans in the USA. But over there it’s made of pork and probably at least tastes all right.

The Malaysian version is chicken. And not regular chicken meat, either. No, it was the McChicken patty, which is essentially a flattened chicken meatball. This has been formed into a mockery of the McRib and drenched in a run-of-the-mill tangy barbecue sauce. And McDonald’s is trying to pass it off as a decent immitation.

Don't buy it.

A double patty Chicken McRib without fries or drink costs RM14.70. Before tax.

How do they justify charging so much for a glorified McChicken? Do they actually use only chicken rib meat?

I don’t hate McDonald’s and I don’t expect much from them, and I do occasionally eat there. But this is one atrocity that nobody in their right mind should touch with a 10-foot pole.

End of rant.

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