Sunday, 1 June 2014

Go-Ji-Ra @ My Burger Lab – All hail the kings!

14, Jalan 21/22, SeaPark, 46300, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I’ve not done a post on My Burger Lab till now because, honestly, what’s left to say that’s not already been said by other, better food bloggers?

We’ve visited a bunch of times but I never felt like I had anything significant to add. Their legendary service is great as always. Despite the opening of a new outlet in OUG, the queues are still as long. And we’re sure many a fan has felt Lady Fartsalot’s frustration on our most recent visit when the burger she wanted had sold out by the time she got to the head of the line. Okay, they now have additional seating upstairs but that’s hardly big enough news to merit a post.

What IS big enough was the monstrous Go-Ji-Ra burger I just had.

This thing is staggeringly huge. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was what caused Godzilla’s widely talked-about weight gain.

This must be one of those posts I’ve heard about that ‘writes itself’. Having had the Go-Ji-Ra, I suddenly noticed a jumble of words jostling around in my head demanding to get written down. Or typed out, as it were.

The words in my head insist that I tell you about how the King of Burgers and the King of Monsters have finally come together in a glorious explosion of flesh and flavour.

There were three (THREE!) satisfyingly thick and meaty beef patties that literally fall apart in the mouth. I had previously expressed mild dissatisfaction that My Burger Lab burgers had a rather small meat-to-other-ingredients ratio. This burger demolishes that complaint as completely as Godzilla demolishes buildings.

Damn near knocked me over as well, as the massive amount of meat almost put me in a food coma.

The mustard-grilled patties had an appetising sour zing, as well as a refreshing kick from wasabi. Absolutely delicious, and certainly enough to satisfy even the biggest of meat cravings.

I would have enjoyed the Go-Ji-Ra even more if not for the subtle aroma of the blue cheese that was added to it. But that’s completely my own fault for not knowing how to appreciate blue cheese, and nothing to do with My Burger Lab.

And because I don’t foresee another My Burger Lab post in the near future, I’m taking this opportunity to also publish all the burger pictures we’ve taken during our previous visits there.

Can't remember which burger this is. Cthulhu, probably.
Nope, this one doesn't ring a bell either.
This appears to be a chicken one that Lady Fartsalot had. Maybe she remembers... nope, no luck there.

A quick note to wrap up before I go off to collapse under the weight of all this meat inside me. I don’t know whether the Go-Ji-Ra is a permanent item on the menu. Maybe, like Godzilla, it will disappear back into the sea once it’s caused sufficient destruction to enough digestive systems. If you’re interested, you might want to go try it soon, just in case.

And if you’re not a big eater, for goodness’ sake bring back-up.

Old picture of shop interior. It's less packed now with extra seating upstairs, but only by a tiny bit. It seems that at My Burger Lab, with greater seating capacity come greater numbers of hungry fans.

Bite-sized review
It’s the My Burger Lab everyone knows and loves. This post is about how meaty and delicious the massive new Go-Ji-Ra burger is. Don’t know how long it will stay on the menu, so go check it out quick. And bring someone to help you eat it.


Price: About RM30 and worth every single sen.

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